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HomePorts is a non-profit membership organization helping residents stay in their own home as they grow older. HomePorts has been incorporated by the State of  Maryland and began operation in October 2008.

The geographic area covered is the greater Kent County, Maryland area, which includes Chestertown, the Kingstown/Chester Harbor area and all other towns and villages in Kent County.

Remaining in one’s own home while growing old often requires major adjustments and outside assistance, HomePorts, Inc., is in operation to facilitate “aging in place”, promoting safe and healthy aging with peace of mind for members and their families.


What's Happening at HomePorts:
Annual Healthy Aging Symposium
April 15, 2014  8 am-2 pm
Kent County Middle School

Keynote Speaker:
Walter Ettinger, MD
Chief Medical Officer
University of Maryland Medical System

Results of Healthy Aging 2013

Close to 100 local residents took part in the 3rd annual Healthy Aging Symposium held at the Kent County Middle School on March 26. Co-sponsored by HomePorts and the Chester River Health System, the emphasis was on information and local services to facilitate aging in place. The time and talents of many volunteers and the endorsement by 11 sponsors added much to the strength of the message:

Dr. Conrad May, Assistant Professor of Geriatrics at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, gave the keynote presentation, which focused on healthy aging and the brain. “Some declines are normal with aging,” he said. “Divided attention becomes more difficult, and response times, working memory, episodic memory, and executive function decline,” he added. “But the good news is that some functions such as sustained attention, semantic memory, autobiographical memory, procedural memory, and speech and language do not decline.”

He described results of extensive research showing that high levels of fitness in mid-life are associated with lower levels of dementia. What can we do for ourselves?  He had four recommendations:

  • Do something you enjoy.

  • Do something challenging

  • Do something meaningful

  • Do it with other people

In addition, participants attended sessions on a number of relevant topics, led by local professionals. Over 30 exhibits staged by local businesses and organizations provided extensive information on services and products in Kent County.

In his remarks, Jim Ross, CEO of Chester River Health System, noted that the changes in health care increase the need to plan ahead. The message from the event was a strong one: Be prepared for the future.



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